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Written by Justin Prusiensky

Jan 16, 2020

January 16, 2020

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How is payroll supposed to work for small businesses? If you find yourself pondering this question in 2020 because you–the business owner–are running payroll or having a lackluster experience with the major payroll companies, then perhaps a change is in order.

In our experience (about 40 years combined), the larger the payroll company the worse the payroll experience is for the client. From overly complicated online platforms, bored data entry “specialists”, and uninspired customer service reps, big payroll only moves forth from its own momentum. Let’s remedy that and bring GP CPA + Gusto to the rescue for your business payroll. 

Fact: CPA does payroll and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Fact 2: “Bears eat beets”.

When small business owners hear that a CPA does payroll, many assume that it means higher pricing and rigid experience. That may have been true years ago in a galaxy far, far away, but the modern online payroll platforms mash together efficiency, flexibility, and compliance into a low priced, solid product.

The shorter name for that sentence full of flattery is GUSTO, our firm’s only supported payroll platform. Gusto by itself is a wonderful product; but when the person running payroll through Gusto knows the platform like a developer and understands how payroll really works, it is even better. 

Why GP CPA and Gusto is the perfect combination?

If you are forced to give your business’s regular payroll data to a clerk or “payroll specialist” at one of the big payroll companies, there is a much better way. The difference between using a big payroll company and Gusto + GP CPA is that we understand payroll and how it works.

If you provide payroll data to our firm and we note errors or see unexpected items, we will not “just go with it” like the big payroll companies. We will take the time to correct the issue before it becomes a problem on an employee’s check and snowballs. The big payroll companies will process data with errors without a second thought, and then charge you to fix it later! That is what happens when the person running payroll doesn’t understand how it works, they just know how to enter data. 

GP CPA + Gusto = Payroll in a modern way.

Take control back from the big box payroll companies and work with someone who can guide you to a better payroll process. GP CPA + GUSTO is the modern way payroll runs and the partnership that moves your business forward. Let’s get started today.

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