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Income taxes, franchise taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes, withholding taxes, property taxes, and the rest of them. If you pay any of these taxes, GP CPA is the advisor you need to minimize your tax burden efficiently and effectively.

We take the pain out of being tax compliant by working with you and your business year-round to remove the “tax time surprise bill” you didn’t know was coming. More than just tax preparation, we also can keep your business on the right track with all the taxes you pay.

Let’s simplify the process and work together at making taxes the one thing you don’t worry about.

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I received funds from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) program, now what do I do with the money?

First off, the funds are expected to be spent before the end of 2021, as an annual report to the SBA will be required at some point in the future. We are still waiting for guidance from the SBA regarding what this annual report will look like. It may make sense to draft a spending plan or budget to make sure all of the funds are spent on time and in accordance with the program rules. GP CPA can help you with this planning, so you can prevent a surprise surplus of funds. Spend wisely and timely!

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