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Written by Justin Prusiensky

Oct 14, 2019

October 14, 2019

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Charlotte area residents have a major sales tax decision coming up, which will have an impact on businesses that collect and remit sales tax.

As many area businesses know (OR SHOULD KNOW!), Charlotte’s sales tax rate is either 2%, 7.25%, or 8.25% and what rate belongs to your business is based on what the business is selling. The city council recently authorized a 0.25% increase to be added to the upcoming November 5th election, in which voters can make the choice of passing or halting the tax increase. If the increase is passed, the good news is that the proceeds will stay in Charlotte and are allocated according to a specific formula, heavily favoring the arts.

The bad news is that the sales tax rate increase would raise [sales] taxes on everyone. The Charlotte Agenda has a solid take on both sides and be sure to vote on November 5th.

Justin Prusiensky, GP CPA


    Tax Planning with GP CPA

    Tax Planning with GP CPA

    GP CPA offers a wide range of business advisory services that are tailored to the needs of business owners. For those small businesses who need someone to keep the books, we can do that.

    Your Business Payroll in 2020

    Your Business Payroll in 2020

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    Moving at the speed of business

    Moving at the speed of business

    GP CPA has relied on cloud-based accounting technology for many years now and devotes a significant amount of time toward testing and learning the latest and greatest systems out there.

    Dear Client, I have good news!

    Dear Client, I have good news!

    Since we now have less than 90 days left in the year, kindly keep me apprised of when you expect the major revenue collections to be during the next few weeks and we can adjust accordingly.

    Changes at GP CPA

    Changes at GP CPA

    We have changed the name of our firm to GP CPA, P.C. effective March 2019. “Gary M Prusiensky, CPA, P.C.” and “GMP CPA” had a substantial overlap on Google search with another CPA firm in Texas and we needed to act before Google acted for us.



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    Dear Client, I have good news!
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