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Intuit is raising their prices!

by Feb 20, 2019Blog0 comments

GP CPA’s arch nemesis, Intuit, is raising prices across the board. That isn’t even the worst part, as Intuit will be offering “live” bookkeeping as an add-on service for their QBO subscribers. That announcement means that Intuit will now be competing directly with a large part of their reseller network, also known as “Pro-Advisors”. Life is going to be getting real tough for the “Pro-Advisors” when they have to distinguish themselves from the Intuit sponsored robots and live chat bookkeeping. However, if Intuit’s live bookkeepers are anything like their customer support, the future looks good for the rest of us! Xero to the rescue, once again…

If you are a QBO hostage user or worse – QuickBooks Desktop – and have ever wondered if there is a better way forward, the answer is a resounding yes! Xero is the complete opposite of QBO, competent, easy to use, connected, and a true cloud platform. There was never a “Xero desktop” program that had to be adapted into the cloud, which explains why Xero is a much better native cloud experience. Below are some links about Intuit’s announcement, for casual reading or if you are looking for a sleep aid with virtually no side effects.

Malartu’s link and take on Intuit’s “Bookkeeping Live”

Blake Oliver’s take on Intuit; aka “Bookkeeping is dead, and Intuit killed it. Long live Bookkeeping!

Accounting Today! Regurgitating Intuit’s comments….

Let’s join the conversation and kill off bookkeeping once and for all! Long live bookkeeping…


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