The most wonderful time of the year…

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The holiday’s are in full swing, which we know is “official” because the Halloween themed items are sitting side-by-side with Christmas related stuff kitsch decorations in almost every store. During this most wonderful time of the year, GMP CPA looks forward to as much snow as possible (NC skiing anyone?) and giving clients good news about their business performance. And, taxes. A LOT has changed since Gary started GMP CPA in the mid-90s, although one item that has remained constant over the years is a client’s concern over taxes, which peaks during the final 60 days of the year. Even during the final hours of Halloween and sometimes through the time change in early November, taxes are still at the bottom of a honey-do list crumpled in pair of jeans somewhere. Then, suddenly (just like how that “extra” daylight savings hour is never used wisely) it is all about TAXES. Although we are in contact with our clients throughout the year providing regular updates on their particular tax situation, we have always noted how focused everyone is during November and December.

A typical year end request usually starts with “what do I need to buy….”, which we usually finish with “what do you need?” Vehicles, equipment, bonuses, real estate, other businesses, have all been answers over the years, and depending on the client, usually followed up with a question about whether it can be financed or purchased outright. This current tax year is unique due to those tax changes we have been hearing so much about all year long. We at GMP CPA are not so sure that the IRS even has a grip on what congress intended, although there is no shortage of advice from every corner of the internet on who/what/how to make it work for you and your business. If you have questions about the QBI, withholding changes, itemized deductions, designated Opportunity Zones, and any other zany congressional inspired deductions, let’s get in touch. GMP CPA has been working at our year end tax planning routine for nearly three decades and while we would prefer to be skiing, we are as focused as our clients on taxes during those final days of the year. It’s certainly not too late to start focusing on your business’ taxes, although the clock is ticking. Let’s get started and make this a most wonderful time of the year for your taxes/business because GMP CPA is your advisor.



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