FICO presents the UltraFico Score

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For those of you who bemoan your credit score, FICO, the company that everyone recognizes as behind that magical number is making some changes! FICO is calling this the “UltraFICO Score” and damn if it doesn’t sound sexy.

This “UltraFICO” item will be customized to include just the banking information that you choose to share and will have ability to move you up (or down!) the credit score rankings. Per a former employee of FICO and Equifax, John Ulzheimer, “It’s like combining peanut butter and chocolate.” Let’s take a moment of silence for the large part of the US population that has peanut allergies and won’t be able to enjoy this metaphor or any benefits of the “UltraFICO” credit score. More details and a continuation of John’s quote from USA Today.


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